Matt says: "As with Jon I can't get Eric to write a bio so here's what I know. Eric won his first drum kit from a radio contest back when he was around 12. Like most of us he played with buddies around town trying to figure out where he could find a place. Eric found his place with the hardcore group "Point of Anger" with whom he played from 1992 to 2002. POA had their brush with fame, which included recording sessions in New York City and befriending music legends Biohazard.

As with many things POA fizzled out and E found himself next with a blues rock band (of all things) called "The Boogie Men". E spend several years gigging all around Louisville with The Boogie Men until he pulled out of music for a much needed break. As a side note, The Boogie Men are still gigging around town and you should definitely check them out!

I connected with Eric via the website "Bandmix" which is essentially an online want ad tool for musicians. I was desperately looking for a drummer that could play blues and blues-rock but was able and willing to really hit the drums and bring a big, huge beat when needed. Holy crap did I find what i was looking for! Eric can play as loud as any drummer I've known and then can turn around and play at whisper level...absolutely perfect for what I had in mind this group. 

In many ways Eric is the old man of the group even though he's the youngest. He's done more gigs that Jon and me combined and he's seen it all. Besides his incredible drumming Eric brings much needed experience with dealing with gigs and the many unknowns that come along. Eric is not only a great drummer but has become a great friend to me!"



Pearl drums...kept in cases that have a logo that looks like Eric (Protection Racket).