The Subourbons, are a blues/rock trio based out of Louisville, Kentucky consisting of veteran musicians Eric Marcum (drums), Jon Bullington  (bass guitar) and Matt Bacon (guitar and vocals).

The members have carefully selected material covering both well known songs, as well as deep cuts, from artists such as Cream, Michael Bloomfield, Muddy Waters, Little Walter, Jimmy Reed, Albert King, BB King and many others. The Subourbons perform these songs with a modern, rock-influenced edge, while at the same time honoring the traditional roots of each song.

In addition to their love of blues/rock, classic rock and traditional blues, the members all bring to bear elements from their previous musical ventures and other musical influences from genres as diverse as hard rock and heavy metal, hardcore, pop and alternative. Together, these influences combine to drive The Subourbons’ selection and interpretation of a great cross section of some of the very best blues and blues/rock music recorded. 

If you like your blues loud and with a harder edge, The Subourbons will not disappoint!